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My Surgery Story

It's been quite the year, or better yet past 6 months. As the end of the year approaches, I've been thinking about everything my body has gone through mentally and physically this year. After battling a flare that was just getting increasingly worse, my GI and I decided in July (2019) that surgery was my… Continue reading My Surgery Story

My 1st Stomaversary!

One year ago today I was getting ready to go into surgery to have my colon removed! I had already been in the hospital 5 days due to my ulcerative colitis flare up. I hadn’t been keeping anything down for several days before I was admitted to the hospital. The day I was supposed to… Continue reading My 1st Stomaversary!

World IBD Day (May 19th)!

Today is World IBD Day! What does that mean? Sharing information, stories, spreading awareness all around the world about what IBD is as it’s an invisible illness. So what exactly is IBD you ask? IBD short for Inflammatory Bowel Disease is chronic inflammation of the digest tract and includes diseases such as Crohn’s and ulcerative… Continue reading World IBD Day (May 19th)!

5 Self-Care Tips

Self-care isn't selfish y'all! Everyone needs to give themselves a little TLC to help pour into your own cup to be present for others. Here are my favorite self-care tips I like to do: Run a hot bubble bath or epsom salt bathNothing says relaxation than soaking those muscles when they're tense. A good hot… Continue reading 5 Self-Care Tips

Common misconceptions for life with an ostomy bag

Happy New Year! I did a lot of research at the beginning of last year, even before I knew that I would be getting an ostomy bag, because I knew that I would probably end up with one and wanted to be as prepared with knowledge about living with an ostomy. I've written a few… Continue reading Common misconceptions for life with an ostomy bag

My Story

Grab a snack cause this first post is a long one, starting off with my diagnosis. In 2012, my world was forever changed when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I was in my last semester of my undergraduate degree, ready to graduate (the world was my oyster!), and I started getting really sick. It… Continue reading My Story