5 Self-Care Tips

Self-care isn’t selfish y’all! Everyone needs to give themselves a little TLC to help pour into your own cup to be present for others.

Here are my favorite self-care tips I like to do:

  1. Run a hot bubble bath or epsom salt bath
    • Nothing says relaxation than soaking those muscles when they’re tense. A good hot bath just always seems to put my mind at ease and help me relax.
  2. Face Masks
    • I love putting face masks on! Especially when you get one that really smells good. I like both face mask sheets and more of the clay masks. The face mask sheets always are nice and cool and make my skin feel good after removing them. The clay masks usually have a nice scent to them and once I wash them off my face feels nice and smooth.
  3. Peppermint Oil
    • This one may seem weird but peppermint oil really helps when I’m feeling sick to my stomach, as well as helps me stay focused when I’m feeling like my mind is all over the place. I just breathe in a little to help with a quick burst. You can also drop it on a cotton ball and put it in a little cup to give the room you’re in a good peppermint smell.
  4. Candles
    • I’m a candle fanatic! I love more of a woodsy smelling candle. Lighting candles not only is visually pleasing to my eye but also the smell really is so pleasant to me and puts me a in a good state of mind.
  5. Getting a massage
    • This one will cost you, but it’s one of my favorite splurges to help me relax. I’ve been trying to get into a somewhat regular routine of getting massages to help me relax and help with stress. My body gets so tense from stress and so knotted up and it’s nice to splurge on a massage and know it’s help me mentally and physically.

I hope everyone out there is staying safe and as healthy as you can be!

Until next time,


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